Luis has been obsessed with technology and entrepreneurship from a young age. As early as middle school, he was busy jailbreaking iPods and selling them to his friends.

He has always loved creating things that are beautiful, and building value from the ground up.

This passion drove Luis to excel far beyond his classmates when it came to technology. He began teaching himself how to program in high school. This knowledge was then coupled with a computer science degree from Arizona State University where he launched his first tech startup — a music app which maintained 15,000 weekly active users before sunsetting the project.

Nowadays, Luis offers a great amount of value as a seasoned professional in the tech world. From his experience at Workiva where he built financial software that serves 80% of Fortune 500 companies, to his own personal endeavors in building and deploying #neuralnetwork s and various other machine learning algorithms, Luis brings a vast amount of knowledge to the table.

However, this knowledge has yet to quench his thirst. Luis continues to dive deeper into the fundamentals of computational philosophy, as well as maintain his edge on emerging technologies.