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Printable... but watermarked!

The cheatsheets on this page are specially designed to fit printer paper, so please print some!

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Compressor Cheatsheet

For YEARS I struggled with using compression properly, messing with knobs 'till I got lucky. I read so many posts online and watch advanced tutorials on YouTube that confused me even more.

But when I buckled down and learned how compressors really work, one knob at a time, and got a feel for it, my mixes got light years better.

And I condensed all that knowledge into ONE cheatsheet, so that you don't have to go through the same pain. It's designed to teach you intuitively what each knob does, so you get a feel for how compression works instead of worrying about nerdy details.


...HQ Posters Available!!

A GORGEOUS 12x18 poster, free of watermarks. Put it on your ceiling to finally learn how to use that 'KNEE' setting.


If you want one, e-mail me at Shop is down for now.

Guaranteed to make your mixes 137% better*!

*this guarantee means absolutely nothing :3

Reverb Cheatsheet

Reverb is so tough to get right.

Tuning reverb settings to sound just right gets SO much easier when you know a little about what the knobs do.

I got the feel for it from hours and hours of reading forum posts and wikipedia and recreating reverb tones from dozens of tracks.

And I boiled all that knowledge down into a single page, just for you, you beautiful stranger.


...HQ Prints of Reverb Cheatsheet Too!

This glorious poster makes my day every time I forget what the 'DIFFUSION' knob does.


If you want one, e-mail me at Shop is down for now.

100% Guaranteed* to take your mixes to the 4th dimension!

*this guarantee ALSO means absolutely nothing


If you'd like to request a cheatsheet, please DM me on Insta, or email me.