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Learn Compression —— Without A Ph.D. —— +Cheatsheet

Index Here are quick links to each section. If you don’t know where to start, go to Downloads. DownloadsVideoTranscriptionCompressor ControlsThresholdRatioAttackReleaseExample SettingsFIN (comment section) Downloads - Start Here Download the FREE [Compressor Cheatsheet](/downloads/compression-tut/Compression Cheatsheet.pdf) for an easy, one-page summary of compressor fundamentals. Note: the PDF above is A4 sized & optimized for web. For a great looking printout and files good for print, please go to the shop. ![cheatsheet](/downloads/compression-tut/Compression Cheatsheet....

May 23, 2018 · 7 min · Luis Gomez
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Printable… but watermarked! The cheatsheets on this page are specially designed to fit printer paper, so please print some! If you find some value here, I would appreciate referrals back to this page ( or a mention on Twitter/Insta (@whoislewys). Compressor Cheatsheet For YEARS I struggled with using compression properly, messing with knobs ‘till I got lucky. I read so many posts online and watch advanced tutorials on YouTube that confused me even more....